Created for all Women.

Fitness knows many faces and many different journeys. At La Vida Empire we believe in anyone with a desire, a goal, and a passion to achieve and transform their lives.

Our open and progressive understanding of fitness is warmly embraced in our fashionable and innovative workout apparel, that helps complement women at any stage of their personal journey. From starting out, to individuals looking to refine, to athletes in competition, we supply a brand for the very beginning to the never ending voyage of fitness. While we struggle individually, our mantra is to support and overcome collectively, no matter the stage or where we are in our training.

Our work doesn’t just stop with apparel. We tailor training programs respective of  personal level and goals. Led by our brand champion and award winning fitness model Alana Michalxuk. Alana is an athlete who knows all too well the struggles, challenges and dedication involved in building your health and your ideal physical composition.

La Vida Empire is more than a clothing label, it’s a movement that understands the very personal and collective journey of fitness.

  • Clothing

    To play the part, you need to feel the part. We provide active apparel that enhances and complements performance for women in pursuit of changing their approach to fitness and transforming their lives.


Believe. Struggle. Overcome. Achieve.


We provide the training blueprint you need to achieve your goals. Build a path to the destination you want to experience with our extensive programs, inspired by the personal journey of fitness icon and our brand champion Alana Michalxuk.

Our plans are created to help produce the results you seek. We all start with a vision. At La Vida Empire, we know the overwhelming feeling of starting a program, and we also know the incredible feeling of achieving the things you set out to do.

No one typifies this notion more than our brand champion, award winning fitness model Alana Michalxuk. Training for years on her physique with a clear set of goals in mind, fitness competitions still seemed too daunting a challenge. However, a leap of faith and four, top three finishes later, Alana has taught us where self belief and dedication can take us. The sentiment of which La Vida Empire is built upon.

The moment you think about it, start. We are here to supply the practical means, it’s up to your mind to do the rest.

  • Women's Training

    While we are challenged individually, we triumph collectively.

    La Vida Empire is a movement that understands the struggle fitness poses, which is why we provide elaborate, achievable training programs to overcome obstacles and succeed in reaching our personal goals.

    Making a start can be hard. Maintaining discipline can be tricky. Getting overwhelmed happens. At La Vida Empire, we understand and have experienced all of the above. Which is why our programs are equipped to motivate and inspire to help deliver results.

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  • Men's Training

    Fitness knows no gender.

    Become apart of the La Vida Empire by employing proven training programs that attain the results you’re searching for. Hitting the gym regularly is one thing. To achieve the physicality we train for involves more than just pushing weights. It requires dedication, diet, discipline and a steadfast determination to stay motivated and focused on your goals.

    Our thorough understanding of what it takes is best exemplified by the routine and dedication exhibited by our label champion Alana Michalxuk, among a host of brand leaders. When it comes to working out, hitting the gym or merely lifting weight, Alana raises the bar.

    We provide a range of fitness planning for athletes of all stages. Our programs cater to those hunting for all different types of goals and body composition. We boast various extensive programs for men looking to redefine, enhance or even just begin their approach to fitness.